Thursday, 4 September 2014

Good to be back :-)

Well after a few days of unplanned madness i am back with my beloved laptop and ready to share some blog posts with you all. I have been thinking as that time of year approaches that i quite honestly ditest, just how un organised i am again and how i intend to get on top of it all next year have a homemade Christmas for all my friends and family. I've decided every month of next year i'm going to pick one group of friends or family and make all their presents and cards ready for xmas 2015 starting in January. I want to make it personal and special and less commercial and thoughtless. It's going to be lots of fun and bring you many interesting posts for sure! I can't wait to start planning who's getting what. I have so many people to buy for as i have a massive circle of friends and family with a vast spectrum of likes and dislikes, there really is going to be a challenge but i am really looking forward to it.

Right now i am away to play with my goodies i got before i went away :-) I am sure i will return with a make later on in the day! Have a fab one whatever you are up to Emmie xxx

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