Sunday, 7 September 2014

Packing up!

Right here we are! All madness hopefully is now behind me, i am back home and have my dearly beloved laptop is here with me so i can return to blogging and by how i have missed it :-) I have now caught up on my letters, and die cuts to swap, but I do have got loads of cards to make for friends and exchanges! And eventually i will get a chance to get my Autumn scrapbook prepped and started also :-) All on the agenda for this afternoon, i spent 2 days unpacking the mother of all ebay lots i got for a bargain price which was full of everything crafty you could possibly need! I swear it took me so long to unpack, sort and get into the creation cave with the help of my amazing man.

I did get some help sorting out from my beautiful boy ollie (he would call it helping anyways)

Here is one of my swaps envelopes for Autumn i have got sorted and ready to go to Brazil!

Right i am going to get on with my plans and will be back with a blogpost or 2 this evening! It's only taken a week to get this sorted, but first i'm watching Lewis Hamilton go and collect his winners trophy on the podium :-)

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