Monday, 8 September 2014

Tutorial- Home made Acrylic dots

As you can tell from my recent posts i love to make my craft supplies and recycle! Well i have millions of plastic pony beads i will never use as beads and wanted to find another use for them. I had been looking at some acrylic dots to use on my crafting pages but they are soo expensive for what they actually are! Anyways the light went on upstairs and hey presto an idea came to mind. i had made suncatchers before by melting lots of beads together in a cake tin in the oven and they came out amazingly. so i thought why not mwlt the individually spaced out instead of all close together.

All you will need to make these is a selection of hard plastic beads, some greaseproof paper, a baking tray, light spray oil and an oven.

I got 15 bags of these at the car boot sale for £1.00 absolute bargain.

Spray the paper with a light oil to stop them sticking to it, they can be a little tricky to remove from the paper. Spread them out so they do not melt together unless you want them to to make flowers etc. 

In the oven they go for 15 mins at Gas mark 6, you will get a little smell of melting plastic but it's not a strong, overpowering smell.

Remove from the over and hey presto acrylic dots for crafting for pennies! I picked these colours to use on my Autumn scrapbook project that i shall be starting today.

Have a fab day everyone Emmie xxx

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