Sunday, 21 September 2014

A look back over the summer!

I have had a pretty up and down summer this year, not managed to have a holiday but spent time with my friends and family up north, got my creative on and had a beautiful garden. I have had some fab crafting competition wins and been featured in a few magazines which i am really proud of as i have really just begun crafting :-) I have also had some rotten health issues that today are absolutely driving me mad! I have no energy and have not managed to get out of bed today (even though the past week i have only made it as far as the couch) So i decided today would be a fab day to look back at the good things and maybe perk me up a bit!

Here are a few pictures taken while in Hull at my Aunties and around the Yorkshire coast.

A reminder of the yummie food i can have on my diet as i have fallen off the wagon the past 2 weeks but tomorrow i am back on it :-) 

Some of the loves of my life :-) The people and fur babies that make it all worth while <3

Piccies of my garden and the beautiful sunflowers, my home town, some animals and insects i've rescued over the summer and the storms which have been pretty intense this year, but i have loved every min of them.

Finally some of my blog post creations and pretties i've made for projects or for fun and to share tutorials with you all. I promise there will be lots more to come from me over Autumn and beyond once i shake this episode off which i am hoping will move on sooner rather than later! But i do have restriction friendly posts coming up :-) 

Have a look though your phone and smile about summer! 

Enjoy the rest of your sunday everyone 

Emmie xxx

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