Saturday, 20 September 2014

Taking it easy!

Well under dr's orders i am not supposed to do much at all for the next few weeks, my body is having issues working so i'm pretty much house bound for a bit! Whatever can i do with myself? Hmmm i think a bit of reading and crafting will be on the cards. I have 2 cardmaker competitions i am going to enter which i need to make 2 cards for each and then another papercraft for both. I have decided to make a Christmas paper wreath for the first entry, but at the mo i am trying to plan the second project, I have a few ideas just can't pinpoint one that i actually want to do as yet.

I made a start on the wreath yesterday and have been using different techniques to complete the paper pieces to attach to the wreath, I'm really new to crafting so It's fun thinking of different ways to display my skills that i have been learning over the past 7 months and come up with an original design that will look good and hopefully stand out.

I am creating individual pieces related to Christmas and have made so far some baubles, a house, some pin wheels and a snowman. I am going to share with you how to make the snowman today, you could use this to make Christmas tags, card toppers, scrapbook layouts and even tree decorations.

What you will need....

2 scalloped circle dies different sizes (body)
1 smaller than the scalloped circle die (head)
Mini Scalloped die (buttons)
Mini circle die (eyes)
1 Small square die (hat)
Die cutting machine
Orange card 
White card
Black card
Brown card
Liquid Pearls
Spotted embossing folder (hat)
Wool strands (scarf)
Double sided tape

Start off by cutting all the shapes use the white for the body circles, black for the eyes, hat and buttons and brown card for the arms then stick together with the tape.

Emboss with a dotted folder the black square for the hat then cut a strip from the square to use as the brim then trim the sides of the remaining piece to make the top of the hat. I did it so the dots were inverted to fill with liquid pearl at the end.

Attach hat to the body then add the buttons, eyes, nose and arms all with double sided tape.

He should look something like this, use a fineliner to draw in the mouth.

Add the liquid pearls into the embossed dots on the hat, then add the scarf (i made the wool strands into a friendship bracelet to make the scarf and my dude is done :-)

Hope you have fun creating your snow dude :-) 

Emmie xxx

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