Sunday, 7 September 2014

Scrapbooking challenge Setting up :-) Autumn 2014

Woooo hooooo at last i have managed to get into my room and pick out some of the things i will need for my scrapbooking. I find that if you have a basic kit ready to go it makes it so much easier and gives you more time to concentrate on your page than spending half your time looking for bits and bobs.

I always use an a5 folder for my scrapbook as it's a lot cheaper and a lot easier to store also. I got my latest one for 50p from a car booty with zillions of plastic wallet pages to. I just decorate the folder however! It takes me back to being as school decorating folders, ahhhh memories.

I also chose loads of autumn coloured cards to use as my main pages and will just chop them in half with my paper cutter to make them a5. Once again having these pre cut and in the folder makes it so much easier and it really will save you valuable time that you can spend actually crafting.

Having lettering stickers ready in the colours you want saves loads of time to but i also will be die cutting some letters to use with my new Marrianne Design letter die, I absolutely adore the range, it's fun, quirky and have a huge selection of different designs.

Finding embellishments that you can use is also advisable, here i have dug out a selection of rub ons, sticker frames, edging tape, gems and pearls. These will make your page pop and look uber pretty! 

Here are a mix of different textured papers and cards to use to mount your piccies on, you can have loads of fun with these by distressing the edges with sandpaper, inks and punches to make them stand out.

More bits and bobs to make the pages pop :-)

Pick out a mix of things you can use on your page like buttons, die cuts, punch cuts, tags, wool, twine, ribbon, beads, sequins, basically the really fun stuff that makes your scrapbook a really personal project.

Lastly the basic tools you will need to create your mini masterpieces of memories. I will also be using my inks, stamps, die cutting machine, heat embossing and so on but i will use them as and when i need them. But having all this prepared and ready really does make life a lot easier and gives you lots of inspiration before you have even begun.

Well i am off to build my first page oooo which one shall i pick?? Is anyone else doing an Autumn scrapbook? Let me know if you are i would love to see what you have created.

Have fun Emmie xxx

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